This is the notice of intent to dissolve the business operations by SACO. Please be advised that Science Alert Conferences Organizing known as (SACO), doing business in Daira Dubai, UAE has been dissolved as of January 1st, 2018 by the mutual consent of all Board Members (shareholder and directors).

Under this notice, it is important to further clarify that the following series of the events which were organized or suppose to be organized in the future under the banner of SACO will now be discontinued.

  • International Conference on Environmental Sciences (ICES)
  • International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT)
  • International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development (ICDDD)
  • International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICPS)
The Board of SACO is grateful to all its stakeholders for their contribution and participation in SACO’s events.

If any registered participant has a claim, any refunds of their registration fee, please download the Refunds form and send us a filled form to to settle their refunds. All claims will be processed as per the defined terms and conditions of the SACO and will be processed within 30 working days after the deadline.

Important: If you have already sent your refund claim and so far you did not receive your refund, please contact us immediately to track your refund claim.

Deadlines to send your refund claim is August 1, 2018.

No claim will be accepted after this date.

This public notice was last updated on January 2018.